Our Specialist Software Will Improve Performance


Telemarketing has a bad name in modern society, with annoying callers ringing you up at inconvenient times, attempting to sell you products you have no requirement for.

However, as all SMEs understand, any sale or service is first based on a process of information exchange. With our highly experienced and well-trained staff, we can ensure that we can share information about your company in a friendly and comprehensive manner, with people who are interested in hearing about it. People still buy from people and the telephone is still one of the most effective methods of engaging with decision makers on a personal basis.

MJL are fully operational as a call centre with the ability to take both inbound and outbound campaigns. With powerful bespoke software, we are able constantly monitor and improve on our performance.  At MJL, we consider quality above quantity: this is why we ensure that we have the most effective database from which to work.

We can provide call recording, statistics, and detailed reports where required, so you can experience the professionalism we provide. We are also able to send out emails following useful conversations with potential clients, in order to follow up on the contact and as a way of endorsing the message given in the telephone call.