Inbound Calls

Maximise Marketing Strategy Investment with our Inbound Service

Inbound Calls

Maximise your investment from marketing strategies by having your calls handled by our inbound service.

Whether you have used traditional marketing, online marketing – pay per click, social media, events or exhibitions ensure your enquiries are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Telephone number – We can allocate a geographical number for your campaign for both inbound and outbound.

Our plan of action with you:

We will collaborate with you to ensure we can assist you to reach your sales target or gather the required information.

Step 1 – Complete our Pre-Campaign Survey.

Step 2 – Discuss above and advise of the information we require to undertake your project.

Step 3 – We will build your campaign onto our software.

Step 4 – Run your campaign and continually advise on adjustments as required.

Step 5 – Tailored management report. When you decide to go ahead – We work on your campaign together and build a call framework – you will notice, not a script, our skill is engaging in conversation. This is then built onto our system and the data to be called loaded.